Navigate the highs and lows of major loss with more ease and discover simple ways of lifting your energy and mood naturally while being held and supported every step of the way.

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Reclaim Your Health To Live Fully Once Again

Have you lost your partner? Are you lacking energy, motivation, and struggling with a healthy routine? You've tried coping alone, but nothing's really helped. You feel drained, overwhelmed, and out of control as grief takes a toll.

I hear you. I've been there too.

Indescribable emotional pain. Utter exhaustion. Sheer overwhelm from widow's brain and poor sleep. I know how difficult it is to face cooking for one, while your mood and emotions roller-coaster without regular, nourishing meals.

Sabine Horner, nutritionist and yoga therapist in York

My name is Sabine Horner. As a grief nutritionist and yoga therapist, I understand pretending to be okay while hurting inside - few people truly get why you aren't "over it" yet.

When you work with me, you can take off the mask.

Together, we'll reclaim control and avoid unnecessary health scares through simple, powerful steps:

  • Breathwork to find calm amid the chaos
  • Nourishing foods, herbs & spices to boost energy, clarity and mood
  • Fall in love with cooking "comfort food" that truly comforts 

End emotional eating for good. Reconnect with genuine self-care.

When grieving, you need support. Take your health into your own hands today. Book a complimentary "First Steps Grief Support" session below and begin your journey to feeling in control again.

The grief journey is exhausting. Give yourself the gift of nurturing support.

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Overwhelmed by where to start?

Grief depletes you in every way. Yet deciding where to start taking back control of your well-being can feel overwhelming. That’s why I have made it as easy for you as possible.

Download this free guide to discover 3 low-effort practices that will gently replenish you day by day. As a bonus, you'll also receive a nurturing 5-part email series to explore each practice in greater depth over the coming weeks - like having a supportive friend walk beside you on this journey.

You've been through so much. Let me provide encouragement and practical self-care wisdom as you navigate your path through grief.

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I really enjoyed your teaching today. Got so much out of it. Your gentle reflective flow was perfect for 7am. Your knowledge is vast and I liked the holistic approach, lots of pranayama, breath awareness and use of mudras and band. Most of all I loved the time given generously to each practice. And time to reflect on the benefits afterwards.
You are inspirational. I particularly enjoy hearing about food/spice effect on the body as I am suffering with arthritis currently. It’s so interesting learning what influences our wellbeing.
Hi Sabine, just wanted to say it was lovely to meet you, and thank you for all your information regarding nutrition. I’m going to try and do your stew tomorrow and I’m ordering some vitamin D. So it’s a start. Take care and speak soon x
That was amazing. Thank you! I feel much calmer and grounded in my body. I am definitely interested to learn more.
Hi Sabine! I just want to say thank you for your Facebook posts and videos. I always find the nutrition and meditation tips very helpful having become a widower after losing my wife Sue in traumatic circumstances. It is inspirational to see your positive messages with practical tips. They make a real difference.
Thank you for always trying to support bereaved people with the very basic need of looking after ourselves .... something we don't always do!
Lizzie and I are so grateful to have had Sabine's gentle guidance for the families we support, you can learn more here in a wonderful Podcast we did with her - Sabine's knowledge is vast and with her gentle deliverance she is the perfect person to support anyone with self care during grief.
Stag Direct Cremations
Thank you for this. I lost my husband almost 6 months ago. I’m finding your videos so helpful even if I don’t always comment.
After what you were telling me about the importance of nutrition I've made some changes to my diet and I've started taking vitamin D and magnesium supplements. I noticed improvements in myself immediately: the anxiety has gone, I have more energy and I've even started being able to exercise again. So, thank you for your guidance and advice; I feel that it has helped a great deal.
Message to WAY: Sabine wrote an article on Grief and its Impact on our Digestion - please pass on huge thanks for her knowledge on this subject - I’m not young but my husband died two years ago - a year later I suffered chronic constipation and brain fog (which I didn’t understand) and two CT scans and a colonoscopy later there was no answer. The good news is I’m getting better and Sabine’s article put all this into context and I can’t tell you how much better I felt having read her article - every doctor's practice should have a Sabine!