Home cooked oven dish, workshop particitants in the background

Culinary Grief Workshops – The Power of Home-Cooked Meals

Grieving is exhausting and since we get the basic energy we need from the food we eat, it is important to establish a new meal routine around three simple yet highly nutritious and tasty meals a day.

The aim of my Culinary Grief Workshops is to provide you with much-needed support within the safe environment of a community of fellow bereaved partners who understand better than anyone what you are going through.

Meal preparation with participants

The workshops

For a bereaved partner, it can be so much more difficult to cope with grocery shopping, cooking and eating for one. You may think that cooking for one takes too much time and effort. Nothing could be further from the truth!

My Culinary Grief Workshops will give you all the nutritional knowledge you need to make healthy food choices on your own. You will never again be confused by what you see or read in the media. Everything you will learn in the workshops is based on the latest scientific evidence.

How does it work?

The number of participants is limited to a maximum of 9 people. This ensures that everyone gets the attention they need and has their own workspace to practice their cooking skills. You can work alone or pair up with a fellow participant if you prefer. It is entirely up to you.

During each workshop, we will prepare two simple, tasty and nutritious dishes which we will share during our lunch break. We will also explore easy ways to mix and match ingredients to make sure that our diet is as varied as possible and keeping our blood sugar levels stable.

Although these dishes are satisfying in themselves, we will also look at how to prepare healthy ‘treats’ for when we feel the need for other comforting food.

During the breaks there is plenty of room to discuss common day-to-day-problems you have encountered and to share individual coping strategies.

Enjouing meal together

What will you gain from these workshops?

  • You will gain the necessary practical skills and confidence to cook quick, nutritious and tasty meals yourself.
  • You will go home knowing how to easily adapt the dishes we have prepared so that they taste and look different every time.
  • You will know why certain foods are healthier choices.
  • You will learn simple techniques and strategies that will improve your digestion and prevent malabsorption.
  • You will be much more aware of how food can help you to restore and maintain your emotional, mental and physical balance.
  • You will learn to cook with herbs and spices and why they are so beneficial for our health.
  • You will know how to make your groceries go further with things left in your cupboard or fridge.
  • You will learn how to pack more nutrients into your favourite recipes.
  • You may also gain new friends for life who get it!

With these Culinary Grief Workshops, I aim to inspire, motivate and support you so that you can move forward on your path through grief in a much more balanced way. Knowing how to look after your most basic needs will give you the tools to regain control over your body and, ultimately, reclaim your life!

Unsure about joining my cooking workshops? Listen as previous participants share their personal experience and what resonated most with them during the workshops: