Kundalini Yoga - Lotus pose with Sabine Horner

Grief Yoga Classes

Are your emotions all over the place since you lost a loved one? And are you finding it difficult - or impossible - to turn off your mind to get some restful sleep?

Then join a group of fellow grievers and discover the many ways in which Kundalini yoga can support you through the emotional ups and downs of grief.

When I had just lost my husband, Kundalini yoga became my anchor. And more than 6 years into this journey, I'd like to share the benefits with you so that you can also

  • calm your brain and nervous system
  • breathe better and deeper
  • reduce anxiety and panic attacks
  • stop dwelling on negative thoughts and therefore sleep better
  • improve low mood and cope with loneliness
  • improve your mental resilience
  • gently improve your energy, flexibility and strength

Kundalini yoga uses a diverse range of practices and techniques to address all these challenges and more: from deep breathing to sound healing to relaxation, meditation and gentle yoga poses, each class offers a holistic approach to healing and transforming your grief.

What's more, every session is uniquely tailored with a specific focus, ensuring a different and enriching experience every time. 

yoga on a chair

Experience the magic of breath, movement and sound

Kundalini yoga is an ancient practice that gently guides you from emotional turbulence to profound inner calm and presence. It offers unique meditations using specific hand positions or movements, mantras, and breathing patterns to help manage difficult emotions, stress, depression, addictions, or brain fog. 

A favourite for my students and me are the "Celestial Communications" or moving meditations. These dynamic practices harness the healing power of breath, movement, and sound to help reintegrate body, mind and spirit after a major loss.

Explore how Kundalini can be a catalyst for self-healing, helping you reconnect with your body and embrace the intense emotions and pain we experience after losing a loved one.

Who can join these grief yoga classes?

No previous experience of yoga is required. I teach mixed classes to adults of any age with different abilities, flexibility, and strength. You can participate sitting on a mat or on a chair. Everything we do is gentle to help you release tension, stress and trauma in a safe way.

Nevertheless, please let me know of any chronic health issues, injuries, serious addictions or other concerns you may have before you sign up for these classes.

Please be aware that these classes are not suitable for children. For families with young children, I can offer family yoga classes.

Restore yourself through this transformative practice

You deserve to feel whole again. If you are ready to release pain and open your heart, come and join one of my classes. Experience the power of yoga to find peace and move forward with greater resilience.

Venue: online

Investment: £10 per class 

To book your first class and receive a joining link, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.