Sabine during a zoom meeting with participants of the group programs

Finding Your Way After Loss - Healing Through Connection And Self-care

Losing a partner is emotionally devastating and incredibly isolating. And as bereaved partners, we face unique challenges - losing our main support and companion, identity, confidence, self-esteem and more. Healing from such profound loss is immensely difficult to navigate alone.

That's why joining one of my group programmes can be very powerful. In a judgment-free space, you can connect with others who understand your daily struggles. 

My programmes empower you with the knowledge and tools to rebuild your life after loss. Share your journey and find support. Learn to deal with difficult emotions and gain new coping strategies. Together, we can transform grief into growth.

Choose from programmes focused on improving self-care, supporting your body through seasonal change, or managing emtionally triggering times of the year. With compassionate guidance, you'll rediscover meaning, purpose and, above all, joy.

The path through grief takes courage, but you don't have to walk it alone. Let me help you find your way forward through connection and self-care.