Sabine Horner infront of a kitchen unit with vegetables

Meal Planning Support

For a bereaved partner, grocery shopping can be a nightmare. We often delay going to the supermarket because of the many emotional and practical challenges we are facing. In this situation, it can be helpful to get some support from a nutritionist like me who understands what it feels like to be overwhelmed by memories and emotions when shopping on your own.

Many so-called 'grief symptoms' are caused by nutrient deficiencies which are made worse when we mainly eat convenience or comfort food after losing our partner. To improve our overall nutrient intake, it is important that we cook from scratch as often as we can.

Because better eating starts with meal planning, I am sharing some simple meal prep ideas in this short video:

Need more support?

I can help with:

  • Meal planning for a week
  • Preparing a shopping list together, adapting favourite recipes and suggesting new ones
  • Focusing your grocery shopping:
    • providing nutritional information about what to eat
    • where you can find recommended food items
    • what foods to stock so that you can rustle up a nourishing meal
    • how to read food labels and what to watch out for (e.g. sugar in gluten-free food or misleading food claims
  • Useful handouts & recipes to keep you on track
  • Coping strategies to use when you feel anxious about going out or overwhelmed by emotions while shopping
  • Practical food storage tips
  • What to do with leftover food

Together, we can get you back into a regular daily meal routine which you can easily sustain on your own. By sharing my nutritional expertise and simple, tasty meal ideas, you will feel less confused and overwhelmed. You will also waste less food and be able to keep vegetables and herbs fresh for longer.