Sabine Horner & client cooking during a personal cooking session

Personal Cooking Sessions

Do you find cooking a chore rather than a joy after losing your partner?

If you don't feel like cooking most of the time and end up eating convenience or comfort food a lot, these sessions may be the answer to your lack of motivation, inspiration, confidence or practical skills.

Cooking for one doesn't have to be boring and healthy, nourishing meals don't need to be tasteless. I believe in the power of colours and aromatic herbs & spices to get us back up and cooking again.

And if you lack in confidence or skills, don't worry. I used to be a lousy cook before my husband became ill and now, I can create a tasty meal with any available ingredients. And so can you. With the right guidance and support.

Getting creative with what is left in your cupboard and fridge can bring joy and a feeling of adventure back into your life. And it is quite liberating to not need a recipe or the exact ingredients to be able to rustle up a delicious meal for one.

And the added bonus? When you cook with me, I will teach you how to use herbs and spices for their medicinal benefits and other ingredients you have never heard of before to improve your health.

Cutting paprika

Join my Culinary Grief Workshops - where healing meets the joy of shared flavours and experiences!

If you are a bereaved partner seeking a supportive community filled with understanding, motivation, and inspiration, why not join one of my face-to-face or online Culinary Grief Workshops? Simply follow the link to the webpage to find out more and click the button on the right to reserve your place at the table. 

Here's why my Culinary Grief Workshops come highly recommended by fellow bereaved partners: (voor Joep: Testimonials from Michael, Michelle and Lisa)